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ILS Partnership 

One way International Logistics Solutions is able to provide stellar service to our customers is through our robust lineup of carrier and owner-operator partners. We work together toward a common goal, and because of that, we realize the importance of open, honest communication. We view our carriers as an extension of our family, and we value their insight, concern, and success just as much as our own. 

What makes a great partnership? 


At the end of the day, we're providing a service to our customers, and that's everyone's top priority. When we work together with carrier partners to execute high-level transportation solutions, everyone wins. 


We hear each other's concerns, and we work toward finding solutions together. When we're able to speak freely, we're able to forge relationships built on trust. And that leads to consistent, reliable loads. 


The trust we put in our carriers is recognized by the focus we place on matching carriers with the proper freight loads. This allows our carriers to be experts, and it ensures that our customers receive the level of service they need. 


Moving freight safely and efficiently is the ultimate goal. Whether you’re a carrier or shipper, ILS has the solution to make it happen.